We create quality


Creating a coffee of value requires a long experience and research, the knowledge of the single origins of coffee and technology, the passion for a product that has much to tell. To comply with high quality standards, which remain constant over time and guarantee recognizable flavors in the cup, we rely on an almost centennial knowledge of the international raw materials market. We only import “after sample approval” and store the raw material in warehouses at controlled temperature and humidity. We carry out roasting and packaging with cutting-edge technologies.

The line of Gli Speciali DIEMME interprets the Specialty world, generally linked to the concept of single origin, also introducing special blends. It is a range of blends and single origins selected from the high-profile varieties that we most love: references available for limited periods, because they come from micro-lots that guarantee a sustainable quality of life for the farmers and the development of unique characteristics of the coffee.


The quality of our blends begins with a scrupulous selection of the raw material done in the countries of origin. Among the numerous raw coffees on the market, we choose those that most convince us in terms of quality and yield. We prefer picking and wet processing systems that ensure crop uniformity and selection of ripe drupes only. In this way, coffee with a superior aromatic profile is obtained, with a cleaner and defect-free yield in the cup. The import of our coffee follows a strict protocol, from the test of the first samples to the purchase of the entire batch, which takes place exclusively after sample approval, to guarantee constant quality over time.

To select Gli Speciali DIEMME we start from the expectations we want to satisfy, searching for non-traditional cultivation areas, respecting the seasonality of the harvest and the work of the farmers, choosing high-profile varieties within a sustainable commercial value.


Once arrived at the port after the long journey by ship, the coffee arrives quickly at our warehouses, where the storage is differentiated according to the crops and the production areas, so as not to compromise the original organoleptic properties and guarantee constant quality results over time. Maximum attention is also given to the varieties of Gli Speciali DIEMME, which are stored in a dedicated area.


For us, blending means scientifically identifying what can be obtained from each single origin, also defining the best roasting profile for each variety. A result that can only be achieved with experience: the more coffee is roasted from different production areas, the greater is the knowledge of how certain body characteristics, sweetness and acidity are obtained. And since the details make the difference, in the selection we keep in mind not only the origin, but many aspects that will lead to the desired result, such as the altitude, the collection system and the variety.


Modernity and technology are combined with our long tradition and experience. We roast with advanced technological systems, but with the care of a craftsman. We perform a slow and delicate roasting in compliance with precise toasting curves, wisely identified and monitored by our quality laboratory. We carry out roasting cycles ranging from 15 to 18 minutes with a maximum temperature of 200° C, to best express the distinctive traits of our coffees.

For the Gli Speciali line, we analyze in the laboratory the organoleptic profiles through cupping and specific tasting sessions, which allow us to process the most suitable toasting curves to enhance the characteristics of each individual origin and to create high-profile mixtures that offer taste experiences every time different.


We roast and pack every day, with a continuous turnover, so as not to keep the product stored in our warehouses and to always ensure fresh coffee.

The coffee beans, once roasted, are left to rest for 24/36 hours in silos dedicated to controlled temperature and humidity; it is then packaged in bags equipped with a valve that allows the escape of natural gases, deriving from the continuous process of coffee maturation, and at the same time prevents any contact with the outside: a useful system to obtain a curve for maintaining the quality of the intact product for at least four months. Very limited quantities are roasted and packaged for the Gli Speciali range, depending on availability, with a continuous turnover for even fresher product consumption.


On each pack of coffee we clearly highlight the origins used to compose the different blends, as well as the sensory notes, the profile in the cup and technical parameters relating to the extraction methods.

Transparency sought after both in production and in the relationship with the consumer.