Italian coffee roaster in line with the international market trends

To our international partners, we offer coffees from the premium production areas in the world, selected and roasted in Italy with passion and a focus on research and quality that has distinguished our history as italian coffee roasters since 1927.
We draw on direct experience in the industry and a global vision of the coffee market, to decide, together with professionals, a range in line with trends suited to the region where the outlets are distributed. A transparent offer guaranteeing, through the appropriate supplies, consistent quality standards and flavours over time.

Product customisation

Quality for us, also means flexibility. It is about achieving a high profile in the cup and the profile that suits our partners’ market best. This is why we put together, with specialists in the sector, the ideal range of products to satisfy the customers in your outlets.
And more. We can push the boundaries further. Using our acquired knowledge on the subject of blend composition and the organoleptic characteristics of coffee, we can create products dedicated to a particular market, in line with flavour and consumers preferences.

Marketing plans

Counting on the best products is not enough. It is important to know how to communicate and present them to the public and potential new coffee lovers. With a competent team attentive to the international dynamics, we support partners in the definition of image and useful marketing tools to inform and involve the client. Each initiative, from the creation of information-graphics material, to the organisation of speeches and brief coffee conventions, is managed in a shared and structured manner according to the specific needs of the market in question.

Training on site

A fundamental element in the business model that Diemme transfers to its partners is the training of professionals. Hence, we have a team available to partners of SCA certified Coffee Trainers and industry specialists who can carry out the personalised on-site consultancy, theory and practice about the world of coffee and the correct dosage of Diemme products.

Event planning and guests

We give great importance to informative events on the quality coffee culture. These are moments for an in-depth look at the entire supply chain, from the coffee bean to the cup, as well as methods of preparation, service and tasting. We work with partners to organise tastings and informative events at their outlets, which help raise awareness in the brand, improving its perception and attracting customers.

1 to 1 relationship

We like to cultivate a direct relationship with our international partners, welcoming them into our company and visiting their businesses. We establish partnerships based on an exchange of know-how, aimed at finding shared and profitable solutions both for Diemme and for the partner company.

Reliability, solidity and punctuality

Speed and precision in the management of orders and deliveries are a key point in a competitive and successful business model. As is the maximum quality and freshness of the coffee that we roast daily and package with cutting edge technology.
All demands from foreign partners are satisfied thanks to a specialised company department, a work process optimised for export and an efficient international distribution network for Diemme products.

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